Introduction Sipack Company

Sipack was founded in January 1996 in the province of Lucca and covers an area of about 19.000 square meters. The will to evolve and grow has always been an important goal which enabled us to reach, in a few years, global levels of technological excellence

A company you can talk to

The constant attention to the customers needs is the base of our working philosophy.
The dialogue with our customers is source of inspiration for the future projects.
Professionalism and honesty have always been the milestones of our company policy.

Experience and Quality

Sipack is the result of the insights, the creativity and of the deep technical knowledge of his founder: Walter Pacioni. His abilities in designing have allowed the company to position itself as a leading company in the field of technology.
Having a consolidated know-how, we provide our customers with professionalism, competence and quality.

Versatility, Technology, Innovation

Versatility, in designing the best answer to any of the customer’s needs, for an exclusive product.
Technology, the direct drive and the non-stop system, for an ultra high performance product.
Innovation, in the search for experimental solutions, for a cutting-edge product.

Three Dimensional

Three dimensional CAD is not only a way to draw, but it’s a different and more effective way to design. The creation of three dimensional assemblies, perfectly faithful to reality, gives an immediate view of our design ideas and allows us to perform simulations of all mechanisms and movements. The result? The creation, in a short time, of images, animations and any information regarding the machine even before starting to build it.

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