Who We Are

SEDY EGYPT company was founded by Eng. Essam Refaie in 1986 in order to participate in the advancement of the printing, packaging, paper and tissue industries. Since the company was founded, we have been entirely focused achieving this aim.

SEDY EGYPT company is your technical advisor in helping you choose the best machinery and equipment to help you produce high quality products that are suitable for a highly competitive market; helping guarantee the success of your product.

Mission Statement

  • We provide you with our latest equipment with all the different packaging and paper, printing and finishing product ranges.
  • This will in turn help you to achieve a distinct product with which you can compete with; not only locally but on a wider and broader global scale, as the world now has become more interconnected than ever before.
  • We always think outside the box in order to increase the level of business volume that is suitable for our potential clients. Let us cooperate with each other to achieve a better future!
  • Our company provides full range of products and services starting from the manufacturing of raw materials (paper and tissue) to manufacturing end products (printing, packaging and finishing).
  • SEDY EGYPT pioneered in being the first company to not only provide customers with required machinery but also consult and plan with the customer their projects from the beginning.
  • We are always pleased to provide our advice for anyone who is considering turning this project into a reality.


Industrial Solutions
Technical Consultant
Maintenance & Support
Installation & Commissioning